About Me!

My name is Cody Wilkinson and I love stories. I am on an adventure myself – having just graduated college with a B.A. in Youth Outreach and going to the other side of the world for a year of rest – and I love to hear about other people’s adventures! So often I look down the street and see so many people that I don’t know and they’re exactly that: people. Human beings with incredible stories, with emotions, with feelings, with hurts, with pasts, with friends, with a family; but I don’t know any of these things about these people. I decided to change this. When I look at people, I want to be able to see not just a face, but a story, too. And I want others to realize this as well. So I started this blog. I will be posting pictures of the people I meet on this crazy adventure called life (with their permission of course!) along with a bit of their story with the hope that when you read their stories, you will be encouraged and challenged to go and hear other people’s stories that you meet. My hope for this blog is to challenge our North American individualistic, selfish mindset and our way of refusing to let people into our lives (like I have struggled with for a long time, and still do) and to step into someone else’s life with no obligation, no expectation – just love and compassion. I see so many people so consumed with their own lives that they don’t take any time to get to know other people. With that, I see so much hurt in this world that we so often just walk around and ignore, thinking “It’s not our job” or “I don’t know them so it’s not my place to help.” But not many actually take the time to get to know someone so that it is their place to speak into their lives.

This is my challenge to you, Reader. Take time out of your day to hear someone else’s story. You don’t need several hours, or even one. Take 5 minutes to breathe, slow down, and listen to someone share a piece of their heart to you. You never know what it could lead to. Everyone has a story. Unless we take the time, we never know what chapter they’re on. Maybe they’re on what they think is their last chapter, but they need someone to flip the page. If we don’t flip that page for them, we never know how much more of a story could have been written that is now lost. When you see a face, remember: there is a story behind it, and unless you take the time, you never know what chapter they’re on.